Worlaby Academy Additional Nursery Space

Worlaby Academy
Additional nursery space
Single Classroom, children's toilets, adult's toilet, staff office, kitchen, air conditioning

Thank you for all of your help, we are really pleased with the building you supplied us.


In July 2013, we were contacted by a pre-school manager who required some additional teaching space as they were beginning to outgrow the classroom they operated from within, a village primary academy. It was the goal to become independent from the main school and items such as children's toilets, an adult toilet and a small kitchen area were placed at the top of their requirements.

We invited representatives from the nursery and the academy to visit our main office where they were shown around both new and pre-owned modular buildings. It was our own Clearview modular building that impressed the pre-school manager the most. After showing photographs of similar projects we had undertaken for the education sector, we sat dowen to create a concept drawing for the academies approval. After some minor alterations to the drawing the accademy accepted our formal quotation and an official purchase order was placed.

The building was delivered 6 weeks later and completed to the complete satisfaction of our client.

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