Rivermead The Sequel

Rivermead School
Further Clearview classroom
Classroom with kitchen

Rivermead has now purchased two of the Clearview modular buildings from Portable Building Sales over the past 2 years... As Chair of Governors I have no hesitation in supporting or recommending the company to anyone wishing to purchase a quality modular building.

Mr I Chappell, 'JP,Chair of Governors'

There is no better testimonial than repeat business. Rivermead School have previously purchased a Clearview modular building from us, so they were well aware of the advantages the light and airy design brings to a classroom. Their previous Clearview building's superior aesthetic appearance also blended well with their original buildings, and this combination of Clearview attributes brought them straight back to us.

The Chair of Governors and HT were pleased that the order, delivery and installation all proceeded smoothly, once again. This further building was again delivered and installed on time and on budget.

The Chair of Governors was moved to write us a stunning and lengthy testimonial. We are all delighted that Rivermead are so pleased with our products, with the standard of our office support and with our installation expertise. We always aim to please, and we look to continue to support schools as they strive to respond to the growing demand for high quality affordable accommodation for their pupils.

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