Hopes And Dreams Pre-School Nursery

Hopes and Dreams pre-school nursery
New nursery unit for the Isle of Man
Open plan nursery with toilet and wet area

Absolutely fantastic! Thanks very much!

Person, The owner of Hopes and Dreams private nursery

Original Enquiry

We received an enquiry from the owner of Hopes and Dreams nursery in the Isle of Man. They required a small modular nursery building, to be located within the school site in Castletown. Having looked at various other company websites, the owner considered our Clearview Double modular building to be the most attractive on the market. After further discussion we met with him on site to discuss the project and to conduct a site survey.

Our Solution

Our sales director travelled to the Isle of Man and met with the owner, plus representatives of the school and council. We submitted our full quotation including the shipping of the building. Subsequent to our quotation being accepted, the building was put into production with delivery just four weeks later.

This particular installation was both interesting and unusual! The original ferry was cancelled due to 60mph winds. Our installation team finally sailed on the 2am ferry, and commenced installation using the Jackpad foundations at 8am. Later that morning the two modules arrived on site, and were craned into position. It was highly unusual that two subcontracted Isle of Man cranes failed in quick succession, before installation by a third machine. Nevertheless, the installation team triumphed through adversity...and the building was installed and weather sealed on time and on budget! The team stayed on site for a further day to complete the internal installation of the nursery, the electrical installation, external skirt, steps and carpet tiles. Thankfully, the second day of installation delivered no further unusual circumstances beyond our control to challenge the installation team.

Our client was very pleased that the building was completed on time and to his full satisfaction, despite both the ferry cancellation and the sub-contracted crane reliability issues. The building is now successfully integrated into the life of the school, as valuable additional pre-school nursery education space.

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