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Modular Buildings

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Why Choose Modular?

Modular buildings are everywhere. The global construction landscape is changing fast and modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular with developers, contractors and architects on projects all around the world.

Modular buildings are revolutionising the way we build. They save you significant time on site, are more economically friendly when compare to traditional construction, save you money, offer greater flexibility and much more.

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Why Choose Modular?

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Case Studies

When looking for a new building whether it be purchasing or hiring your need confidence that company can deliver.

Our case studies demonstrate the diversity of projects we have undertake, the quality of our building and importantly the customer care we provide.

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From classrooms and construction buildings, to offices and sales suites, modular building can be constructed and configured for a wide variety of different uses.

At Portable Building Sales, our expert teams have extensive experience designing, configuring and manufacturing portable and modular buildings for organisations across the UK.

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  • Education

  • Office Accommodation

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Construction

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